Services for chicken factories and farms

SibBioTech is offering our clients broad consulting support along with implementation of customized technological solutions for industrial rearing of poultry. A range of measures allows for drastic reduction of pharmacological load and the morbidity rate of poultry, as well as for higher zoo culture indicators and improved quality of produce. We do not stand for ‘one size fits all’ solutions but believe in taking an individual approach to every customer, aiming to target their most pressing needs.
We offer:

1. Lab services.

In our own certified lab we conduct microbiological research for bacteria and viruses on samples from our clients followed by reports and recommendations.

2. Customized application of veterinary agents and feed mixes.

When we evaluate and analyze poultry maintenance at enterprises, our experts develop customized schemes for application of agents and additives to stimulate the poultry immune system in the shortest time, bring down the morbidity rate and improve the quality and ecological purity of the produce.

3. A complex audit of the firm.

SIbBioTech provides full and complex audits of enterprises, including analyses of feeding technologies, enterprise accounting systems, technological equipment, engineering systems, veterinary control, resource usage and lab operations.

4. Development of feed recipes, optimization of existing ones.

SibBioTech technologists will evaluate feed compositions and the feed range as a whole in order to suggest optimization measures addressing the customer’s wishes and objectives. This may include new recipes adapted to a particular breed or a cross-breed of each farm. Recipes may be designed specifically for parent stocks of a particular type or to match their maintenance conditions.

5. Evaluation of raw material processing, secondary use of biomaterials and biological waste.

We offer our clients a range of options for processing manure or biological waste into compost, humus or ‘danger class five’ waste for further utilization. It is well known that most farms experience problems with processing and further utilization of biological waste. Our experts will help with selection of components for processing, with technical solutions to start a line producing humus or compost out of daily generated waste in order to create and sell products of commercial value.