SBT MOS-Activator

Product description

MOS-Activator normalizes metabolic process of poultry and livestock. Its function is based on optimal
ratio and composition of a set of minerals in a chelated form.
It normalizes mineral metabolism of poultry and livestock. It works on the strength of a set of minerals in a chelated form, which are optimal in their composition and ratio.


  • to normalize mineral metabolism (deficiency of minerals in the diet; reduction of feed intake);
  • in fertility period (start and peak of egg laying; lactation peak; multiple birth of pigs; stimulation of
    ovulation and embryo development);
  • for better quality of egg shells;
  • to prevent broiler ‘sitting down’;
  • in the period of intensive growth and development of young flocks (skeletal strengthening);
  • to support the immune system especially during vaccination;
  • preventive care against stress (related to temperature, feeding, a technological one);
  • for rearing flocks after transportation or regrouping.

FORMULA: Chelated mineral complex based on a mix of specially milled walls of the yeast of Saccharomyces cerevisiae type, germ films of rice, barley and oats.
RATES OF USAGE: poultry of all ages: 1.5-2 kg/ton of feed, pigs – 1-1.5кг/ton of feed;


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User instruction for application of feed mix SBT-MOSActivator.

The substances inside the product are required for optimal life-sustaining activity of livestock and poultry organisms. They serve as metabolic catalyst for improving ecological rearing indicators. Manufacturer: OOO Siberian Biotechnologies, Novosibirsk, Russia.

General information.

SBT-MOSActivator represents a blend of yeast walls of Saccharomyces cerevisiae type and milled fetal membranes of rice, barley, oats, and green tea.

SBT-MOSActivator does not contain any genetically modified products or organisms. The feed mix represents powder or grits of beige color.

Pharmaceutical form of SBT- MOSActivator: feed mix packaged in paper bags of 25 and 20 kg; grits packaged into plastic jars and bags of 300 gr. Every packaged unit is marked in Russian to indicate the manufacturer’s name, address, trademark, name of feed additive, net weight, contents and guaranteed parameters, date of manufacture, storage time and conditions, rates of usage, conformance mark, and ‘For animals” sign. It is also accompanied with user’s instructions.

Storage of SBT-MOSActivator: in manufacturer’s package in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight, at temperatures from 0°С to 30°. Shelf life is 24 months from the date of manufacture. It is forbidden to use the product after expiration of storage time.

Biological properties.

The product optimizes the balance of necessary mineral substances in order to reduce or eliminate negative consequences of isolation from natural habitat and hypodynamia, particularly in conditions of high stocking density in aviaries, or tie-up housing. It acts as catalyst of nutrient intake of microelements and reduces deficiencies and misbalances in such minerals as zinc, copper, iodine, cobalt, selenium, silicon, bromide, rubidium, etc. it has positive influence on productivity of livestock and poultry. Mannanalygosaccharides in the feed mix formula are competitive in their influence on receptors and banish some types of pathogenic flora and have distinct antiviral properties.


SBT-MOSActivator optimizes the balance of necessary mineral substances. It is prescribed as feed additive for livestock and poultry over the whole period of rearing and feeding within groups.


Recommended usage rates

Form of issue: concentrate (commercial production of livestock )

Form of issue: grits (small farms, large farms)

Poultry of all types and ages

1.5-2.5kg/1 ton of fodder

30gr (2 spoonfuls)/5 kg of fodder

Sows, hogs

0,7kg/1 ton of fodder

30gr (2 spoonfuls)/1 kg of fodder

Piglets of 10 days and over

0.35 kg/1 ton of fodder

15gr (1 spoonful)/5 kg of fodder

Rears, heifers, dry cows

1.0-1.5kg/1 ton of fodder

30gr (2 spoonfuls)/1 kg of fodder

Milk cows

3.5 kg/1 ton of fodder

45gr (3 spoonfuls)/1 kg of fodder

Usage rates.

SBT-MOSActivator withstands short-term heating and may be granulated as part of feed mix. SBT-MOSActivator is compatible with all feed ingredients, medications and other fodder additives. Poultry products after application of the additive may be used for food without restriction. No side effect or complications have been discovered in cases when the feed additive was used in accordance with the user instruction. No counter indications have been detected.

It is compatible with all feed ingredients, medications and other fodder additives. The resulting products after application of the additive may be used as food without restriction. When SBT-MOSActivator is mixed with ready fodder, it is not recommended to heat the resulting feed higher than 120°С (short-term heating only).

Personal safety measures.

Working with SBT-MOSActivator requires following personal hygiene rules and safety measures for contact with feed additives. Use safety goggles, gloves, protective clothes, masks or breathers; provide ventilation of work and storage facilities. Keep SBT-MOSActivator away from children.

This instruction for use was developed by OOO Siberian Biotechnologies, Novosibirsk, Russia.

Registration number: СТО 91741682-004-2017.